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Say “Goodnight” To Dark Circles

Posted by Rococo Life on

Everyone goes through stretches where sleep is scarce commodity. Whether it is the stresses of work, family obligations, or just plain restlessness, people typically do not get enough sleep. As if that were not bad enough, we then get to look forward to the inevitable dark circles around our eyes if we do not treat our eyes to the correct anti-aging creams. We heard from a reader recently who was in this situation.

Dear Anti-Aging Experts,

I am a respiratory therapist that works overnights at the hospitals. I have two young boys, ages 7 and 5, so I need to also be up during the day to get them off from school and pick them up from school. Anyway, my sleep is pretty disjointed sometimes. I know this can have some serious implications for my skin if I do not take care of it. I am already starting to see some darkening under my eyes. What can I do to take these dark circles away and prolong the anti-aging process? Thank you in advance for answering my question.


Busy Mother

Dear Busy Mother,

We certainly can appreciate the incredible sacrifice you are making for your kids by being working all night and being there for them during the day. Our Eye Cream for Dark Circles will fight that pigmented melanin formation that gives you brown circles and poor microcirculation which leads to the blue circles around your eyes. More specifically, it inhibits the production of melanin while fading any existing pigmentation by improving microcirculation around the eyes. Additionally, our Eye Cream is full of nutrients like Vitamin E and Vitamin B12, which help you wake-up refreshed.

Thank you for writing in with your question. So many people are cutting their sleep short for their busy lives. Our Eye Cream will make all the difference in how the skin around your eyes looks and feels.


Rococo Life

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