Healthy Acne Treatment For A Dry Face

Posted by Rococo Life on Sep 15, 2015

Nearly everyone who has gone through adolescence has had to deal with acne. That means that everyone has had to decide how to best deal with acne. Left to their own devices, teenagers will inevitably pick at them. We do not want that though because picking at them leads to scarring. Plus, it is just plain gross. It is also best not to use some of the harsh chemicals that have been used through the years. This is a dilemma that many of today’s parents inevitably have to deal with when raising their kids through adolescence. What if there were a healthy acne treatment in a oil-free face moisturizer? Here at Rococo, we like to take this opportunity to share common questions that we get through our skin care advice column, like this one from one of our readers.

Dear Oil-Free Face Moisturizer Specialists,

My teenager is starting to get some acne on his chin and forehead. I do not want to subject him to all the severe chemicals that I tried when I was a teenager because they really dried out my face. We live in Las Vegas, so it is very arid here and our skin really dries out. What can I get for him? Please tell me there is an effective, healthy way of dealing with acne these days. Thank you in advance for answering my question.


Loving Mom in Las Vegas

Dear Loving Mom,

We highly recommend that you have your son use our Oil Free Moisturizer for Acne Prone Skin. It kills acne causing bacteria and controls the face’s oils while it moisturizes. Additionally, it is quickly absorbed into the skin and dries into a clear, non-oily, and non-greasy moisturizer, so it will not make him late for school or make him feel awkward. Thank you for writing in to ask your question. Keep us up to date on his progress!


Rococo Life