Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizes Your Face

Posted by Rococo For Life on Aug 25, 2015

We are back on the Rococo Life blog to discuss hyaluronic acid skin care. Hydration is critical to the long-term health of your skin. Hyaluronic acid replenishes moisture in your skin, making it feel invigorated. As we have in the past, we are going to answer a skin care question that we hear from time to time from our loyal Rococo readers and customers. Today’s question deals with moisturizers.

Dear Hyaluronic Acid Skin Care Experts,

My face gets very dry out here in Colorado. Being a native Coloradoan, I have lived here all my life and do not really pay attention to how arid it is here. So I have been able to acclimate myself to the dry air. What I seem to be struggling with is the dry skin I seem to be getting lately. I’m also worried that the effects of this dry skin will result in some early aging issues later on in life. I have tried moisturizers, but many of them seem to over do it because my skin always feels oily and greasy after I apply them. Please tell me that I do not have to live with one extreme or the other: Dry or oily skin.

Thank you for your expertise,

Dry As A Desert

Dear Dry,

Sorry to hear that you have been living with dry skin. Colorado is a beautiful state so let us get your skin properly moisturized so you can fully enjoy everything around you. Our Topical Vitamin C Face Serum with Hyaluronic Acid will moisturize your skin and help it retain that moisture. You will also love that it is quickly absorbed into the skin and is nonoily!

Thank you for writing into our blog. We hope it was helpful.

Enjoy your moisturized skin,

Rococo Life