Column On Anti-Aging Creams

Posted by Rococo on Jun 10, 2015

Dear Anti-Aging Experts,

My wife is always worried about showing her age as the years go by. She’s not old as she is in her late 40’s, but she has had these concerns for several years. I’m hoping you can help me find something for her because she is very picky about how she looks. Fortunately, for me, she wasn’t quite as picky when it comes to how I look. In all seriousness, though, I want to get a serum or moisturizer for her that she likes which are the ones that absorb into the skin quickly, dry quickly, and great for oily skin. I have heard a lot about how peptides absorb into the skin quickly, so I’m also wondering if you have something with peptides in it.


Seeking Anti-Aging

Dear Seeking,

Thank you for writing in to our anti-aging and skin care blog at Rococo Life. You are in luck as we have several anti-aging products that your beautiful wife will enjoy. One such product is our Collagen Booster Wrinkle Filler Multi Peptide Serum for Aging Skin. You will note from its name that it is a peptide product, which you inquired about. What you have heard about peptide is absolutely correct. It does absorb into the skin quickly, which is one reason we include it in this skin product. In addition to helping this skin care serum absorb quickly and it is great for oily skin, as you requested. It will also eliminate wrinkles and any fine lines that your wife is experiencing. If you have any further questions, please write in as we enjoy hearing from our customers and public.


Rococo Life