About Rococo

To be Rococo is to enjoy the lighter sides of life.  Whether it’s taking care of your skin, nurturing your body, looking young or staying fit, Rococo wants to help you enjoy everything that brings a flourish to your life.  Even more, Rococo wants you to experience life feeling young, bold, and ready to seize each and every day and all of Rococo’s products impart this message: whether it’s through the Revitalize Skin Care products, the Idolize Bath & Body products, Tantalize Color Cosmetic products, or the Energize Diet and Nutritional Supplements.  Rococo recognizes that caring for your body is an art and looking your best is the very essence of the brand.

The word “Rococo,” coming from an 18th century art movement originating from Paris, carries with it a sense of distinction, elegance, style and resolve.  Just like the art movement focused on the lighter pleasures of life, Rococo is a brand that isn’t for just the fairer sensibilities and needs; Rococo has something to make life more enjoyable for everyone.  There is no membership card to be or become Rococo—only the single desire to look and feel one’s best.  Rococo is a cosmetic and beauty brand for everyone, bringing the best of classic style and sophistication to you.



Address: 847 S Randall Rd STE 182, Elgin, IL 60123 United States